Multiple people or satellites can be imported into Contacts or directly into Projects. To import multiple records, select the Import CSV button at the top of the page in the Contacts, Participants or Satellites menus.

CSV stands for Comma Separated Value. A CSV is a simple file format used to store tabular data. CSV files are commonly used and many programs have an option to export data into a CSV format. There are various ways to create A CSV (comma separated value) file, e.g. saving a spreadsheet in CSV format or exporting Outlook contacts as a CSV file.

In the CSV file, place headings across the first row and relevant data in the column below each heading.

  • The required data for importing contacts or participants is First Name or Last Name or Email Address. Note, if you don’t enter an email address, you will need to manually provide the participant with the login link.
  • The required data for importing satellites is Name. An email address is optional.
  • Optionally, Tags and other information such as Organisation, Job Title may also be added for individual records.

So, for example, create columns in the CSV for First Name, Last Name, Email Address and Tags. The CSV file may contain additional columns of data generated when it as created. There is no need to remove that data or to move the columns. During the import process you can choose which column to use for First Name, Last Name and Email Address, etc.