Our newest release, named Safeguard is now available. This focuses primarily on giving teams control over who has access to project data.

Project permissions

Permissions can now be set in the Edit Project menu and the new Customise>General menu in Manage Project. If you run projects that contain sensitive data, or you just want to make sure regular users in your account don't accidentally make changes to a running survey, permissions can be set for each individual project.

Account owners & administrators have permanent permission to access all projects. By default, regular users also have access to projects. With this update, account Administrators can lock projects so only specific users can view/edit any content in the project. This gives you full control over who can see the data. Regular users (i.e. not Administrators) without permission will be prevented from accessing a project or performing any actions with the project.

Edit Project form

The project edit form has changed. The previous three tabs have been merged into a single tab and a Permission section has been added.

New "Customise>General" menu when managing a project

The new General menu replicates the information in the Edit Project form and includes the permissions section together with options to Tag and Pin the project.

Rating Scale and Answer List modifications

Small changes have been made to both the Rating Sale form and the Answer List form.

Anonymise function is now accessible for regular users

Regular users can now access the Advanced menu in a project but with restricted authority. Users can "anonymise" survey respondents but cannot change the settings back. Owners and Administrators have full control over the Advanced menu features, including the anonymise function.

Help Bar enhancements in many forms

In most forms there are section heading grey bars. Clicking on the grey bar expands to show information about the section. New information and descriptions have been added and enhancements have been made to these help descriptions.