Oops! We have been so busy with developments that we forgot to post updates on recent Spark Chart feature releases.

Recently we have:

  1. Added a comprehensive range of new graph and charting options in Sparks and Shares
  2. Added a large range of new colour options for graphs and charts in Sparks and Shares
  3. Significantly revamped the Default settings for Sparks
  4. Further developed the results filtering functionality in Sparks
  5. Released an Anonymizing feature to allow automatic or manual anonymizing of survey participants
  6. Re-designed and enhanced the menus and options for distributing surveys via email and emailing messages
  7. Introduced a Mail and Participant History Log
  8. Developed a range of new survey templates
  9. Revamped the Dashboard to allow projects to be "Pinned" to the top with links to go directly to various menus in the Mission Control. This feature is user specific. 
  10. Improved the way that Page Overviews can be accessed. Page Overviews were previously know as Page Help.
  11. Released major changes to the Consultant Administrator Console, enhancing the capability to copy project, survey and email templates from one account to another. New features include the ability to set default User and Project settings from the console.
  12. Released account access changes allowing an individual with multiple Spark Chart accounts using the same username and password to access a single control panel and choose the account they wish to access.
  13. Redesigned the personal and account profile settings
  14. Implemented a range of user interface enhancements along with various small new features and fixes

And, of course, help has been updated.