We've been working hard on delivering new content. A summary of the new features we have released are:

  • Whenever we release updates, you will see an Update Notification the next time you log into Spark Chart.
  • We discovered that many people did not realise how to turn off the Page Overviews. This was impacting their UX. So, Page Overviews are now hidden by default. They can be accessed from the ? Help Icon at the top right.
  • New content for the Page Overviews and Help Center.
  • Multiple Language support. Now users are able to customise all the wording in the survey user interface with predefined language packages on the way.
  • Project Relaunch. If you wish to update a survey after launch you now have a one-click solution instead of the old convoluted process.
  • New survey templates. There are new survey templates that can be installed into any project.¬†They include an Employee Review, Consulting Review, Freelancer Feedback and an Employee 360 Degree Feedback survey.
  • Small UI Tweaks such as a new launch page, different Share layout, single-click menu items and more.