This update is important! We have released a significant range of exciting New Features and User Interface Changes to make your Spark Chart experience easier and to give you even more power.  

We have taken on board a lot of feedback balanced with the delivery of highly requested new features. In addition to new features, the update focuses on reducing the number of clicks to accomplish tasks, amalgamating menus, removing buttons and integrating screens together, and modifying the terminology. The change log is massive, and we are very much looking forward to getting this out there. Next, we will be moving on with more features and a second phase of UI and UX changes. 

Please take the time to click here and read about all the changes in detail. 

In summary, the release includes: 

  • Many terminology and menu changes throughout the Dashboard and Projects. The changes are intended to make the user interface more intuitive and take into account extensive user feedback.  
  • Editing survey templates and survey content has been merged into a single screen 
  • Reports interface and buttons (edit, layout and respondents) have been merged into a single screen with new filtering options, default selections and sorting features 
  • A new Dashboard layout with pinned projects and links to recent survey submissions 
  • A new Project Overview, which includes merged Status and Progress pages and quick access to recent survey submissions 
  • “Add Test Participant” feature created in Projects to pilot the survey with all customising options 
  • New menus make it easier to edit a survey template and relaunch a project 
  • A new approach to managing Tags has been implemented everywhere 
  • New "Pins" shortcut menu has been created. The Pins feature is expanded to more items (projects, survey templates, reports, report shares). 
  • Users have an option to allow survey respondents to view their responses after submitting the survey 
  • Enhanced Rich Text editing has been added to Mail Templates and to the emailing features 
  • The Settings menu under Personal Profile has been revamped and separated into separate sub menus (Settings, Integrations and Account) 
  • Help menus have changed and merged into a single location near the personal profile 
  • Page tours have been revised and additional tours have been created for more pages 
  • A new process to help first time users, or those who have not conducted surveys for a while 
  • Our Zapier integration is now public and templates have been created in your Spark Chart account and at Zapier (see 
  • There are more features in this release that you will discover along the way 
  • The Help Center has been restructured to reduce complexity. The number of articles has been significantly reduced.   

Please click here to read about all the changes in detail. 

If you need help, we provide 24 x 7 support.