Free text display options in reporting

We have added display options in Reports for Free Text questions. You can choose to display the date of the answer, the participant's name (and a link to their individual results), as well as limiting the size of each comment and sorting order.

Automatic report creation

Whenever you launch a new project, a report will be automatically created. This way you can start viewing results faster.

Simplified template library

Browsing & adding our library templates to your own surveys is now easier with less clicking.

Project name display

In the Manage Project section, the name of the project is now displayed to the left of the toolbar.

Easier to unpin items

Pinning items is a great way to easily navigate between items you use most often. You can now unpin items directly from the Pins menu at the top.

Option to hide the Clear Answer button

If you are running small surveys where this button may not be necessary, or just don't want this feature, you can now hide the Clear Answer button in the Project Customisation Display section.

Option to allow participants to see their answers at the end of survey

If you would like your participants to see a summary of all their responses at the end of the survey, you can enable this option in the Project Customisation Display section.