Create, Launch and Customise a Survey Project


By Mark Sinclair

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When ready to conduct a survey, create a project, select a survey template to use and launch the project.

After launching the project you can customise the presentation (welcome and finish pages, branding, colours, language and more), deploy surveys and create reports.

Important: The survey template is copied into the project when you launch it. If you wish to change the survey in a project simply edit the survey template and re-launch the project.

Why do we do this? To avoid accidental changes to live survey projects, and to make it easy to re-use survey templates in different projects.

In this Article

The Projects Menu

Create a Survey Project

Launch a Project

Edit the Survey and Relaunch a Project

Modify the Live Survey in a Project

Individual Project Menus

Project Overview

Add a Test Participant and Trial the Live Survey

Customise a Project

Pause or Stop a Project

Copy a Project

Archive, restore or delete a Project

The projects menu shows a list of projects, including the project name, the survey used, the project status and various action buttons, like copy, edit and delete.

The menu lists projects grouped by project status (Live, Paused, Stopped and Draft). Add tags to projects and they will appear in folders. Tags will help you keep things organised.

Click the status button to access a project or Launch to start a project.

In the project you can customise settings, deploy surveys, track progress and create reports.

Create a Project

To create a project, select the + New Project button, enter the project details and select a survey template to use. The survey template may be edited at any stage up until project launch but any changes made after launch will not be synchronized in the project.

Launch a Project (Make it Live)

When ready, click the "Launch" button and follow the steps to make the project live. When the project is launched, the survey template will be copied into the project. Editing or deleting the Survey Template, Rating Scales, Answer Lists or Themes will not change the survey in a launched project.

The project will quickly be prepared ready to add participants, launch surveys, and analyze and share results. The project menus are dedicated to the project (and different to the Dashboard).

The Launch Process


Edit the Survey and Relaunch Project

If you need to change the survey after launching a project, simply:

  1. Edit the survey template and then
  2. Relaunch the project

How to Relaunch

In the Project Overview there is a Tools menu with sub menus to Edit the Survey Template  and Relaunch the project.

Otherwise, find the Survey Template in the Survey Templates menu. There is also a Relaunch button alongside the project in the Projects menu.

What happens when Relaunching?

The edited survey template will be copied into the project, replacing the live survey content.

All survey response data and reports will be deleted. There will be options to keep or remove Participants and Group Links. If kept, the Participant links and Group Links will still work for respondents.

Customised settings will not be changed.

The individual project menus are dedicated to the project (and different to the Dashboard). The menus are:


  • Overview
  • Customise
  • Modify Survey


  • Participants
  • Group Links


  • Reports
  • Report Shares

Project Overview

The Project Overview displays the project status and progress, including key project statistics and a project history.

Recent survey activity is shown, with participant details, completion date and a link to view individual responses.

There is a Tools menu with sub menus to Relaunch the project and Edit the Survey Template used to create the project.

Test the Live Survey

Add a Test Participant and take the live survey with the customised presentation options (welcome and finish pages, branding, colours, language and more). Add as many test participants as you wish.

Learn about customising the project here.

Test Participants will appear in blue at the top of the Participants Menu.

A red warning message will appear in the Project Overview to let you know there are test participants.

Modify the Live Survey (with Care)

Spark Chart allows some editing of live survey questions and logic. Where possible, the recommended approach is to 1) Edit the Survey Template, and then 2) Relaunch the project.  However, when surveys have been distributed, responses have been received and it is not feasible to relaunch the project you can now make edits. Additional live survey editing features will be made available in future updates.

Take care. Changing a survey in a live project when respondents have started completing surveys can impact the validity of the survey results. Piloting the live survey is highly recommended to ensure the survey content is correct before deployment.  

Customise a Project

Customise the project settings, including what is displayed to the survey participants. These settings can be edited at any stage of a live project. Edits will instantly change the visible project details for survey participants.

The menus are:

  • Display
  • Start Page
  • Finish Page
  • Styling
  • Mail
  • Advanced
  • Language


The Display Options tab can be used to edit the survey title, sub title, footer, project logo/image and page elements, like progress bars.

There is also an option to allow a participant to view their survey responses when they complete the survey.

Start Page

The Start page can be set for surveys commenced from both a personal Participant Survey Link and a shareable Group Link.

The Participant Start Page and welcome message appears when a participant commences the survey from their personal survey link or invitation. If you do not enter any welcome text, a participant will be shown the project logo, and a Start button.

The Group Link Start Page and welcome message appears when a Group Link is used to commence the survey. A Group Link allows multiple surveys to be completed from the one link. When an individual starts a survey from a Group Link they become a Participant and are assigned a personal link.

If you would like to skip the Start Page and direct the participant straight to the first page of a survey, you can turn the Start Page off.

There is also an option to customise and show a Consent Notice and require acceptance before a participant can commence a survey.

The Start Page may be edited at any stage of the project, including when it is live.

Default Start messages can be set in the Profile/Settings.

Finish Page

As with the Start Page, the Finish page can be set for surveys commenced from both a personal Participant Survey Link and a shareable Group Link.

There are options to redirect a participant to a specified url on completion of the survey.

Default Finish messages can be set in the Profile/Settings.


Here you can control the colours displayed on surveys. Default survey colours can be set in the Profile/Settings.


By default, any mail sent from Spark Chart will originate from a "noreply" address, with the sender name set to Spark Chart Surveys. You can change this by entering your own email details.

Various mail themes  may also be selected.

Advanced (including Anonymising Responses)

The Advanced tab includes advanced functions like anonymising survey responses. When turned on, participant details are anonymised when they have completed the survey. Administrators can turn this feature on and off. Users can anonymise but cannot turn the anonymise feature off.

There are also options to capture participant details, including:.

  • platform
  • browser details
  • IP address
  • country
  • city
  • region
  • post code
  • latitude & longitude
  • timezone

Users may employ VPN technology which can affect the geolocation information.

Language (including pre-installed language packages)

The Spark Chart user interface is in English, however, surveys can be created in any language. Also, the buttons and messages that appear to survey respondents when completing surveys can be customised.

You set custom text for the user interface from the Manage Project/Customise menu.

Spark Chart accounts come with 20+ pre-installed language packages. If a particular language package is not available, you can still customise the labels manually. Then simply ask for the language package to be added.

Select the Enable button to modify the language, messages and labels visible to survey respondents. You can also select a language pack to apply to your survey labels and messages. Once a language pack is applied, you can still customise the text to suit your needs.

Pause or Stop a Project

The project status can be modified between Run, Paused, Stopped and Relaunch. When pausing or stopping a project a message that will be displayed to survey participants must be added along with a reason.

Copy a Survey Project

A survey project can be copied easily. Click the copy button alongside the project. The project settings will be copied but the participants, all data/responses and reports will not be copied. Launch the copied project when ready.

Archive, Restore or Delete a Project

Please refer to this help article for a full explanation of the archive, restore and delete options.

Projects, Survey Templates and Tools (Mail Templates, Rating Scales, Answer Lists, Themes) can be archived by selecting the Archive icon along side the project. Archived items can also be restored or deleted permanently. Archived items will show in a Tag called "Archived" in the left hand menu.

Take care when deleting projects as all details and responses will be deleted with the project.

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