Conditional Logic lets you create dynamic surveys that change what a respondent sees and what happens based on their responses. Essentially, you can create different actions triggered by different survey responses. Logic can be set to hide questions or instructions, finish a survey early, redirect respondents to a URL on completion, set or append messages to the finish text, send an email, send a notification to Slack and tag participants, depending on the respondent's answers.

Conditional Logic can be simple or quite complex depending upon the number of actions, conditions and triggers specified. A survey that uses conditional logic requires careful and meticulous planning, execution, testing and piloting in order to avoid errors and ensure the survey objectives are met. Where possible, keep it as simple as possible.

Survey Template "Preview" includes logic to allow testing

When previewing a survey template that contains logic the logic is applied. This allows user testing of the logic before launching a project. The responses are not saved.

Conditional Logic is included when copying survey templates

Conditional Logic is included when copying survey templates using the Survey Copy feature. For the Consultant and Enterprise Plans, survey templates copied from one Spark Chart account to another account will also copy the logic.

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