We have released some new featuresIn summary, the release includes:

  • Editing live surveys. Spark Chart now allows some editing of live survey questions and logic. Where possible, the recommended approach is to 1) Edit the Survey Template, and then 2) Relaunch the project.  However, when surveys have been distributed, responses have been received and it is not feasible to relaunch the project you can now make edits. Additional live survey editing features will be made available in future updates. Take care. Changing a survey in a live project when respondents have started completing surveys can impact the validity of the survey results. Piloting the live survey is highly recommended to ensure the survey content is correct before deployment.  
  • The Net Promoter Score now automatically calculates the NPS score (from -100 to +100) and generates an NPS Gauge in reports for all questions with a rating scale ranging from 0 to 10. 
  • Logic Scan feature examines the logic in Survey Templates when questions are deleted. The impacted logic is highlighted to allow editing of the survey template and logic before the question can be deleted.
  • Questions can be copied with all layout settings in Survey templates. This saves time for users when they are entering many questions with the same layout. Look for the purple "Copy" icon alongside questions in survey templates.
  • We have commenced releasing new survey answer layouts. A “Layout” tab has been added to the “Edit Survey Content” form. Initially, we have released Vertical/Dropdown options for Multiple Choice Single Answer and answer text box size options for Free Text Questions. More layouts will follow soon. 

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