About Client or Department Accounts in the Console


By Mark Sinclair

updated about 1 month ago

The Management Console provides consultants, member organizations and enterprises with a tool to manage their client or department accounts and users. Client or department accounts can be accessed from the single console login. The Console also provides tools to view and manage all current client/department surveys and their projects.

The functionality in the Clients menu includes:

  • Add and manage client or department accounts
  • Add and manage client account users
  • Log directly into client/department accounts
  • Set client/department account defaults
  • Set client/department user defaults

Add and manage client or department accounts

In the Administrator Console you can create and manage Spark Chart accounts for individual clients or departments. You can add and manage users for each client account.

Log directly into client accounts

Console administrators can log into any account from the Administrator Console. This eliminates any need to record login details for every account and avoids having multiple login points.

Set client/department account defaults

Defaults can be set for branding, including logo, colours, instructions and email settings.

Set client/department user defaults

User defaults can be set in the Administrator Console for each client.

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