Account, Settings and User Management


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Account and Settings

Account and user settings can be managed in the menus under the User Profile at the top right.

The Account Menu

Account includes

  • Personal Profile (personal information, avatar and password)
  • Organisation - information and logo (Restricted to Administrators)
  • Users (Restricted to Administrators)
  • Subscription (Restricted to Administrators)

Administrators have full access to everything, including managing other user accounts and have access to the Advanced Tab in Project Settings.

Regular Users cannot add users or modify other user accounts. Regular Users cannot access the account Settings or other account Users and they cannot change their role to become Administrators.

The Settings Menu

Settings include:

  • User interface options
  • Help & Guide options
  • Personal Project Defaults
    • Project colours
    • Project start message (text, images, videos and more)
    • Project finish message (text, images, videos and more)
    • Project email details

User Interface

Various user interface settings can be applied, including control panel colours, default number of records to show in lists, logic layout preference and more.

Help & Guides

The "Play Tour" buttons can be enabled/disabled.

Project Defaults

Users can create default project settings that can be quickly applied to projects. The defaults can be optionally selected in projects. All these settings can also be customised for each project.


Set default project colours for presentation of surveys on the web. 

Project Start & Finish Text

Set default survey instructions.

Project Mail

Set a default email address available to be used in survey projects. 

The Integrations Menu

Third Party Integrations can be enabled. Read more about integrations here.





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