Participant Lists are where contacts can be stored in lists ready to be imported into projects. People can also be added directly into projects. For people you survey only once or very occasionally, you are probably best to simply add them directly to the project.

  • To create a new Participant list, click on the "+ New Participant List" button at the top of the page and enter the Participant List details. Multiple new contacts can then be selected and added to the participant list. Contacts may be added to Participant Lists individually or in groups from Contacts.
  • Participant Lists can be copied by clicking the Copy button and then renamed and edited.
  • To edit or delete a Participant List, click on the edit or delete button. To edit or delete multiple Participant Lists, select the check boxes against each one and the go to the Selected button in the above menu.

The Participant Lists Menu

Using Participant Lists in Projects

Participant Lists provide an easy way to organise regular project participants. They can be prepared and saved in advance. They can also be edited or re-used in other projects.

When a participant List has been imported into a project a copy of the list and contacts is made. Editing or deleting the Participant List does not change or delete the participant details in the project. Conversely, editing participant details in a project does not change the details in the Participant List. Also, editing or deleting a Participant List does not affect contacts.

Creating or Editing a Participant List

To create a Participant List, select + New Participant List. When adding a Participant List, information is grouped by tabs - Details, Participants and Notes. To edit a Participant List, click on the Edit button alongside the Participant List.

Details Tab

Give the list a name and an optional description.

Participants Tab

In the Participants tab, contacts can be selected or deselected. Contacts may be added to Participant Lists individually or in groups. Contacts are shown under All Contacts as well as in Tags.

Copying a Participant List

To copy a Participant List, select the Copy button alongside the list. People can be selected or deselected from Contacts or may be added individually.

Deleting a Participant List

To delete a Participant List, select the Delete button alongside the list to be deleted. The delete dialogue box will appear. If a Participants List has been added to a launched project, the participants in that project will not be changed or deleted. Also, editing or deleting a Participant List does not effect contacts.